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The End of a Chapter

This past weekend has been a weekend of reflection. As many of you (may or may not) know, I have been in show choir for the past three years. This last weekend I went to my final competition and unofficially … Continue reading

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English Majors

My biggest problem with English Majors is this: They get all these grand ideas and then they write books about them. Full of science and philosophy and ideals and politics and etc….. And everyone thinks it’s great and true and … Continue reading

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New Lucky Number

Yesterday was by far one of the best days I’ve had in a while. Not by mine or anyone else’s merit though. The day started out at 4:30 AM. A bunch of little girls(ages 11-13) were staying in the room … Continue reading

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Quel Bon Jour!!!!

That’s right. I had an amazing valentines day. I went to school, sang in front of my teacher to be critiqued, chilled with my niece, got a haircut, took a nap, and hung out with three twelve year old girls. … Continue reading

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Happy Single-Awareness Day

Hi, My name is Grace. I like jazz music and long walks on the beach. I speak English and rudementary French. I’m looking for a man who will make me feel good and have luscious hair like Fabio. I don’t … Continue reading

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Little Girls

Isn’t it amazing how dramatically cryptic little girls can be? They write in their journals amazingly witty sayings that they swear they will never forget the story behind… and when they come back to read it years later they have … Continue reading

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ON makeup and naps

PFFBHKGIOEOFGUIPHFKJDIKJFHEOIUHBSKJLBLFFNHCKENFNHHFHKSL:ANCKOSDANOCDNNCD:LSKN HAAAAAALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALA bOOOOMMM!!!! That is the sound of Gracie lou on sleep. You know how some people take drugs? I take naps. WEEEEEEEOOOWRRRR!!!!!!(Tobuscus fans out there? Weeeeoowr) SO! Makeup. I can’t quite decide if I like it or not. The … Continue reading

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SOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I’ve got a song in my heart and a smile on mah face. Perhaps I’m bipolar, or maybe I’m just being pummeled by circumstance. Either way, I’m feelin’ great! It doesn’t matter how I felt I don’t care how … Continue reading

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