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Top Reason for De-tasseling

So…. this morning I woke up as usual at 4:45 and the first thing that popped into my head was “Why do I do this to myself?” Grumpily I got out of bed and onto the bus… About 45 minutes … Continue reading

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AAAAKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so confused! I’m remembering punching a fat guy… but I would never do that! but I think I did…. But I don’t think I would do that! But I distinctly remember the feel of the fat guy on … Continue reading

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random musation

I have a lot of random stuff on my mind right now…. I find myself rather content right now… surprisingly. I haven’t been caught by the lonely blues in a while, my family rocks, my friends rock, I’m busy, I’ve … Continue reading

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Well, I had a really good day today! I woke up at 4:29(I minute before my alarm went off) and got my stuff ready for a my first day as a detasseling bus hopper! I got to LL and hopped … Continue reading

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Runners High

so…. I got runners high while I was running with Josh tonight. It was fun. As a slight prelude to this post, I’ll inform you of one thing…. I suck at running. I REALLY suck at running. I can sprint … Continue reading

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Happy Independance day!

Well, it’s true. Another July 4th celebration is in full swing. My plans for the days go like this sometime soon: Duets with my beautiful friend Joanna(Viola/Piano duet) 12 noon: Tea party on the capital steps… OOBER JAZZED ABOUT IT!!!! … Continue reading

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who ever heard of a 15 year old getting insomnia? well, the reason why I’m posting this is because at approxamately(can’t spell) 3 AM I woke up and didn’t go back to sleep. I spent the next hour and a … Continue reading

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