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Cat Attack. Help

Wait did I say cat? That’s not the word. I’ve been experiencing this really strange phenomenon lately. I’m not sure if this is an external attack of my mind or a consequence of my crazy schedule…. But I’m experiencing a … Continue reading

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Dear Bloggasaurus, I know this is going to be difficult for you to take, but I’ve met someone else. Someone who pays me lots of money for my time…. their names are ::insert place of work:: and ::insert other place … Continue reading

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Intellectualism and Joy

You all know the type of people I’m talking about…. The snobby smart people. “I don’t like Doctor Who because the special effects are so bad and the plot is so predictable and the monsters are so hokey.” “I don’t … Continue reading

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Reading Update

Life has been a little bit crazy here at the Graceful houshoulde, so I haven’t been up on my blogging much.  You know with the second job and whatnot. It’s been insane. I took a nap yesterday though. It was … Continue reading

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