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Political rant

What really bugs me about school are all the uninformed liberal quacks running around. We got into a huge discussion about Conservative vs. Liberal in my civics class… It simply amazes me how people are more concerned about people putting … Continue reading

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Sick-ness :(

Well, I’m sick. A couple days ago it was a sore throat, yesteday it was gumk in my throat that made me talk funny, and today, It’s full blown. My head feels like it’s about to combust, my ears pop … Continue reading

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I’m SOOOO busy!!!

Can you believe it? Grace the lazy bum of a homeschooler has finally found out what busy really means. It’s september 9th! It feels like no time has passed since school started. Yet here I am three weeks into my … Continue reading

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The internal controversy.

Have you ever felt like you were fighting with yourself? Well… I’m in the middle of a REALLY big argument with me. I have this mental picture of three or four me’s sitting at a really big conference table. One … Continue reading

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I’m bored-ness?

As of right now, I  am curled up in front of the computer wearing a chenille sweater and my baggy detasseling pants. The only sounds I can hear are the sounds of people putting on a new roof, My really … Continue reading

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