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Lazy Monday: Time

Time is precious. If you want to see what’s really important to someone look at where they spend their time. I work. And work. And work some more. On an average day I spend 8-10 hours sleeping, 30 minutes driving, … Continue reading

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Early to Bed, Late to Rise

I swear half of my posts are later than I would like them to be. This is actually a lazy Wednesday post. I was having some hard core girl time with mah gurl Allison on Monday and I kind of … Continue reading

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Geekophobia: The fear of all things geek. So I have this coworker that watches 16 and Pregnant and all those really lame reality tv shows that are everything wrong with this country. The other day I was working and made … Continue reading

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Lazy Monday: Reading and Sin

“The sensualist, I’ll allow ye, begins by pursuing a real pleasure, though a small one. His sin is the less. But the time comes when, though the pleasure becomes less and less and the craving fiercer and fiercer, and though … Continue reading

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