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teenage fiction

HAH! I’m currently laughing at all those novels depicting highschool a this incredibly cliquish horrid experience where everyone is fighting for the top…. HAH! shows how much middle aged women know about highschool. Just so you know, Highschool is a … Continue reading

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Christmas Cheer!

HO HO HO(Happy ‘Olidays, Happy ‘Olidays, Happy ‘Olidays)….. or should I just say merry christmas, because I might offend some of you with the phrase “happy ‘olidays”.  I just spent the afternoon setting up christmas decorations. I’m actually starting to … Continue reading

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You say….

You say you don’t believe in miracles, that everything is a science, You leave everything to time and chance. You say there isn’t a God, that man is god of themselves, You live for yourself alone. What about the dead … Continue reading

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