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High School Commencemorial

As the end of the school year draws near and people are creating their facebook grad party events I’m reminded of my own graduation… and it makes me mad. So you know how the word “commencement” means an exiting of … Continue reading

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Dear friends, I’m TWENTY now!!! I’ve been watching Doctor Who all day with my sister and friend. I got Sour Patch Kids as a gift. I don’t feel twenty. How could y’all let this happen to me? Whatever it happens … Continue reading

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God and the Categorical Imperative

It’s 11:15 pm, I work tomorrow at 6am, and I’ve just had a philosophical epiphany. Consider this as a teaser. The categorical imperative(for idiots, or rather how I understand it) comes in two parts. The first is to behave in … Continue reading

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Like an Old Movie

I don’t always feel like I’m living an old movie, but when I do it’s because I’m listening to cool jazz while gazing out the window at the lights of downtown. In the old movie of my life I’m studying … Continue reading

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