God and the Categorical Imperative

It’s 11:15 pm, I work tomorrow at 6am, and I’ve just had a philosophical epiphany.

Consider this as a teaser.

The categorical imperative(for idiots, or rather how I understand it) comes in two parts. The first is to behave in such a way that you could universalize it(i.e. The purpose of lying is to deceive, if everyone lied then no one would be deceived. Hence it cannot be universalized. The result of murder is dead people. if everyone murdered, everyone would be dead people.) And the second part states that individuals should be treated as ends and not means. So don’t use people.

To me, the categorical imperative is derived from “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

I was watching Thor: The Dark World with some of my lady friends. The shirtless Chris Hemsworth scene comes on. I comment “Because that’s not objectifying men at all.” bla bla bla. And as I thought about it the more I realized that the categorical imperative here applies.

But I’m going to talk about that later.

Are you teased?

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