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Blue Like Jazz- Why I Stopped

As you can guess by the title, I stopped reading Blue Like Jazz… The reason? (sorry for being so redundant on this here blog) I believe that Jesus is the answer to all of the world’s problems… The author of … Continue reading

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Les Nouvelles

You know how everyone talks about their favorite lunch lady? I have a favorite lunch man. No favorite lunch lady… the man is better…. Before i graduate I’m going to give him a high five or a handshake or something. … Continue reading

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UGH a good thing to say!!!! Should I tweet it? Shout I facebook it? Should I pinterest it(pfffft lol)???? (I only have 15 minutes and I need to get this out. Bear with me.) SO lately a lot of people … Continue reading

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For The Cause

MKay so I’m gonna talk about something that really befuddles me…. that kind of goes along with what I’ve said before about selling out…. So you know those people…. you know the ones who take up every cause out there … Continue reading

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Why Can’t I Cry?

I’ve been thinking about book titles lately… Not that I’m planning on writing a book(that’s soooo sophomore year! lol jk pffft) but I like to think of titles. That’s about how far I get before I get bored… Anyways… good … Continue reading

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Hi guys, so I just kinda lied earlier about the whole nothing to say thing. Turns out my fingers still work even though the rest of my body is completely dead. So I just thought I’d address something that’s been … Continue reading

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Senioritis: it happens

Senioritis: Inflammation of the senior which results in much complaining, laziness, apathy, and procrastination. Usually happens to a high school student when they are within a few months of graduation. Gracie has Senioritis therefore Gracie will not have anything worthwhile … Continue reading

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