Les Nouvelles

You know how everyone talks about their favorite lunch lady? I have a favorite lunch man. No favorite lunch lady… the man is better…. Before i graduate I’m going to give him a high five or a handshake or something. He’s the only cafeteria worker in the whole school who actually takes his job seriously and gets us our food in a timely fashion…. You want proof that socialism doesn’t work? Go to a public school cafeteria.

I’m moving away for the summer because I’m going to work at a nursing home in a different city. I’m going to live with my sisters. It’s going to be super fun…

As a result I have to buy a car. Once my dad gets home from taking the trash to the dump that’s what I’m going to go do…. Look at cars that is…. perhaps buy one…

When I go to my school friends’ houses it makes me feel really poor. They have really big houses with three levels… and they’re a family of one parent and two children…. Sometimes I want to smack people and tell them that I grew up in a house half that size with my family(which is three times bigger). I shared a room with my TWO sisters… I didn’t get my own bed until I was 13…. I feel so poor…

But on a brighter note, my parents are not divorced and my six siblings are my best friends. I dare any of my classmates to say they’re more blessed.

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  1. bekahcubed says:

    Yup, yup. Couldn’t agree more. Never said a truer word, and all that jazz (of the un-blue kind :-)

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