UGH a good thing to say!!!! Should I tweet it? Shout I facebook it? Should I pinterest it(pfffft lol)????

(I only have 15 minutes and I need to get this out. Bear with me.)

SO lately a lot of people have been hating on Ann Romney because she was a stay at home mom. They’re all saying “She’s never worked a day in her life” to go along with the idea that the Romneys are a bunch opf rich people who don’t know anything about how the real world works. Well I’m kind of sick of it. All these people saying that she’s less of a mom than a single mom who works. Whatever.

My point in bringing this up?

Money doesn’t make motherhood any easier or harder. It might mean you have more time to give to your kids, but you still have to train your kids up and instill values into them. Whether you have 24 hours to do that or 1, it doesn’t really matter. It’s hard and messy and complicated and at the end of the day you can only pray that your kids are understanding what you’re teaching. I’m a kid, I know. There were a lot of things I wish I had learned from my parents that I didn’t learn.

My mom was a stay at home mom and my dad worked every day from before I got up in the morning till supper time. I don’t really remember even one of my birthdays where my dad was there because he was too busy bringing home the bacon. My mom raised seven of us kids. Money might have been a bit tight at times, but we were fed, clothed, and happy. I had no idea that I grew up in a family where money was tight until LAST YEAR. I’m 18 years old, people. Money doesn’t make a difference in how good or bad a mom is. My mom is awesome because she taught me how to be a good person. Money can’t buy morals. Money can’t buy anything that actually means anything.

So I really wish people would stop hating on Ann Romney. I really do. It really frustrates me. Cuz Ann Romney for all I know is the mirror image of my mom. Not. Cool.

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2 Responses to Motherhood

  1. bekahcubed says:

    Amen. Preach it. I think people who denigrate the stay at home wife and mother fail to realize what a stay at home does–and unwittingly marginalize the others who do those tasks at a price for the working mother (the babysitterdaycare employee, the cook or waitress, the housecleaner, the schoolteacher, etc.) And the person who deludes themselves into thinking that a working mom does all of those things without help is mistaken. Either she pays another to take over those tasks or they go undone. Believe it or not, no woman can do it all.

    • Gracie says:

      Exactly! And this is why God created the family to have a mommy AND a daddy. One person can’t do both jobs. It’s not possible. Those who try delegate responsibilities. No criticism, just saying God knew what he was doing when He created the family.

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