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French Class, once again

What is it with me and never doing what I’m supposed to in French Class? Well, today is legit. We have a sub, so me blogging is perfectly acceptable. As I asked to come up here. Anyway, the choice was … Continue reading

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The Proble with blogging is that I can’t talk about stuff that involves people that I know are readers. Cuz frankly, there’s a lot of stuf on my heart right now, but if I it it out here and wanted … Continue reading

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French Quiz day

Insomnia is bad. It keeps little girls up late at night and causes them to not be all there the next day at school where they fail French tests. I’m afraid blogging on French quiz days will become a very … Continue reading

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I don’t know if it’s just me, but this semester has been a lot harder then last semester. Or maybe I”m just unmotivated. or maybe both. Anyway, despite taking two music classes, I’m still swamped in homework. Mainly from Math, … Continue reading

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Show Choir

So, at the Show Choir competition yesterday my choir placed fourth out of all JV and Women’s groups, and was the only Women’s group to place in that venue. And the other choir at my school(the Varsity group) got third … Continue reading

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Happy Day!

I’m pretty excited for this weekend. My good friends Mary and Anna are coming into town. It’s my mommy’s birthday. I have a show choir competition tomorrow. I”m going out with my buddies tonight. Life is good. and on top … Continue reading

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Oops, Sorry

So, pretty much my internet crashed a few weeks ago and I haven’t gotten on the internet in a while. I’ve had plenty of stuff to blog about, but I don’t have access on the days when I’m going to … Continue reading

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