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From the Prison

You know, I haven’t talked about my school much and I have no idea why…. Mostly because of privacy issues but also because I hate it here. Why talk about something I hate? Well, since I’m languishing in my first … Continue reading

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The Greatest Story Ever Told

I’ve seen this video floating around facebook but I haven’t watched it because I’m a Hater(capitalized). I finally watched it and I thought I would share because it perfectly says my views and I think perhaps explains my contempt of … Continue reading

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Lust vs. Appreciation

The part of the show where Grace talks about nasty guys who stare. So today I went to the China Buffet with my sister and I couldn’t help but notice that there was an inordinate amount of staring going on. … Continue reading

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Hey-o. It’s spring break and I just got back from a really fun night with my friends. Nothing too crazy. Just dinner, a movie and some kick butt stargazing. Kinda got me to thinking about “best friends”… Now I have … Continue reading

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According to Wikipedia, Selling out means…”the compromising of integrity, morality, or principles in exchange for money or “success” (however defined).[1] It is commonly associated with attempts to tailor material to a mainstream audience.” Urban Dictionary defines a sell-out as “Anyone … Continue reading

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Fist Pump to the Face

Woohooo!!!! I’ve been so productive today. Check this, I DID ALLLLL MY LAUNDRY! And folded it AND put it away. I think this is a momentous occasion… I haven’t actually finished the laundry project since the first grade. Okay, slight … Continue reading

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