Fist Pump to the Face

Woohooo!!!! I’ve been so productive today. Check this,

I DID ALLLLL MY LAUNDRY! And folded it AND put it away. I think this is a momentous occasion… I haven’t actually finished the laundry project since the first grade. Okay, slight exaggeration, it happens a couple times quarterly…. Maybe twice every three months…. But still, that’s not very often. I have a lot of clothes…. Also I taught two piano lessons, watched a movie, and cleaned my room(which consists of putting all my shoes away and sweeping the floor….)

So now that I’ve downplayed all my accomplishments of the day(aka puffed them up. Aka let you in on just how much clothing I have( A LOT!!!)) I’m going to tell you about my awkward bruise.

So on Saturday night when I got home from the highlighter dance(first ever, hella-epic-awesome.) I thought I was going to have a ginormous bruise on my face(due to one of my friends fist pumping me in the face…. a kind way of saying she punched me in the eye on accident), but no….

Where do I have a bruise? The palm of my hand right next to my wrist. Epic weirdness. I have no idea how it got there….

Anyways… I’m going to go sweep the floor and do my homework and practice piano now…

Or play Words with Friends on facebook…

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