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Majority persecution

So I was facebook stalking someone today and I came across a status…. “‘I won’t apologize for being a Christian’ you don’t have to because you’re the majority.” Ok, so it’s ok to persecute the majority now? Kinda like how … Continue reading

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My Pet Peeves

Would you like to meet my pet peeves? Their names are book-cover models and threadbare morality. If you are an avid reader, let me give you a tip. DO NOT READ NIKI BURNHAM’S ROYALLY CRUSHED! The front cover model is … Continue reading

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Best Day of School EVER

Just kidding!!! Right now I’m stuck in a computer lab waiting for slackers to finish their video/compositions. And for the record, Holly is sitting beside me and I can do whatever I want(Even text!). BUUUUTTT I can’t go back to … Continue reading

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A bit of silliness

Just a bit of silliness stolen from Rebekah’s blog. Everyone has 6 names Your Real Name: Grace Joy Menter Your Detective Name: Yellow Giraffe Your Soap Opera Name: Joy Teton Your Star Wars Name: Menjo Grter (?) Your Superhero Name: … Continue reading

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Life is a Battlefield

You’ve heard people say that love is a battlefield. That you win some and you lose some and something’s got to give and someone’s got to win. That’s all well and good, fine and dandy, whatever. You optimists out there … Continue reading

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I’m a Terrible Blogger

So, First of all, I’d like to apologize to my devoted reader(Rebekah). Sorry I haven’t been updating y’all on my life! To say life has been crazy would be an understatement. You know that whole “easy semester” thing I was … Continue reading

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A Tidbit Before I Return

1. are you ready for 111 questions? yeah 2: Was your last relationship a mistake? Yeah it was a mistake, but I learned a lot from it. 3: Do you miss your last relationship? No, I don’t. He’s going to … Continue reading

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