Majority persecution

So I was facebook stalking someone today and I came across a status…. “‘I won’t apologize for being a Christian’ you don’t have to because you’re the majority.”

Ok, so it’s ok to persecute the majority now? Kinda like how it’s ok to persecute men and it’s ok to persecute white people and it’s ok to persecute straight people. Now who’s discriminating?

Hypothetically let’s say the person who wrote this status is a black, muslim lesbien. Yeah I know, probably would never happen, but we’re talking about hypotheticals. Is this person persecuted? And for the sake of realism let’s say she’s an atheist. Really, is this person persecuted? She’s almost by default a liberal as well. These are the people getting on my case because I am a prude. Because I”m “homophobic”. Because I”m a racist and I hate people and judge people and blah blah blah! I face incredible hardship in my place of education because I’m a conservative uber religious prude. I can’t even talk about my views and my politics, my values, because someone will call me an idiot. Someone will get mad at me and call me names and become offended. Not because I say anything truly offensive, but because I stand for something that makes them feel inferior and intimidated. It makes them feel oppressed like they have something to hide.

And basically as a result I end up being persecuted. And they don’t see it as wrong because today’s society says I deserve it.

I’m 17 years old and I love Jesus. All my views stem from this absolute truth. There’s nothing threatening in this, and there certainly isn’t anything that says I deserve to be persecuted. Especially considering the peaceful nature of my religion. I am the most peaceful person in the world, my philosophy in interacting with people is to love them with the love of Christ, friend or foe. What is there to hate about that? Why are some people willing to cut a blatant psychopath slack but not an innocent 17 year old who believes in Jesus and isn’t harming anyone?

I don’t deserve persecution any more then the next person, but such is the nature of my chosen path. Jesus said that there would be hardship. That there would be persecution and pain. I signed up for this.

What makes me truly sad is that these people are so blinded by hatred for God and his perfection that they would think it’s ok to put people through hell on earth. I am saddened by the human condition. I want everyone to get along, and I know the only way for that to happen is if everyone believes in God and loves each other with the love of God. This is why I proselytize. Cuz I want peace just as much as the next guy.

Maybe even more cuz I’m the one the world loves to hate.

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  1. bekahcubed says:

    It’s true-the “tolerance” argument carries with it inherent inconsistencies with the “tolerant” practices promoted. In the name of “tolerance”, many are actually quite intolerant toward anything perceived as “normal” or “acceptable”–whites, men, Christians (especially conservative ones), patriotic folk, heterosexuals, etc.

    But the biggest failing of the “tolerance” idea (in my opinion, humble) isn’t that they fail to practice what they preach but that they don’t go far enough even in their preaching. They fail to realize that “tolerance” and “love” are not equivalent–and that they are occasionally mutually exclusive. The truth is, a love that is convinced that Jesus is the only way to heaven will not remain silent–like that one atheist guy said “If they really believe this stuff and don’t proselytize, they must really hate people.” Likewise, a love that is convinced that the best sex happens within the bounds of mutually monogamous heterosexual marriage (with Christ at the center) will not be content to celebrate what it sees as suboptimal (or worse).

    Love is frequently not a touchy-feely thing. Just as often (or more often), it is a hand slapping a baby’s hand away from a fire (especially when we babies are so fond of fires.)

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