My Pet Peeves

Would you like to meet my pet peeves? Their names are book-cover models and threadbare morality.

If you are an avid reader, let me give you a tip. DO NOT READ NIKI BURNHAM’S ROYALLY CRUSHED!

The front cover model is tan and brunette and buxom when the main character of the story is obviously a flat ginger.

When picking up this book I thought “Ooh a good book to turn off my brain to”. I was MISTAKEN!

If you can’t tell at the moment I am rather ROYALLY TICKED! This book was supposed to be an innocent romance about a young girl whose parents are going through divorce and how she has to move to Lichtenstein(It’s fictitious equivalent, actually)and she meets the prince and falls in love and they live happily ever after despite the blasted media.

(Calming myself and searching for a blog-friendly curse-word)

The blasted book is about a blasted ginger whose blasted mom decides she a blasted lesbien!!!!!

This is where threadbare morality comes in. I get the picture, Niki Burnham. You have blatantly spoken your hatred for conservatives and their so-called family values. I get the picture that you think that it’s OK to be gay. I get it, blast it! BUT IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE IT YOURSELF, DON’T WRITE A BLASTED BOOK ABOUT IT!!!

(Be thankful I am censoring myself for you benefit, dear reader(Rebekah), my thoughts are not so tame)

Throughout the book the main character is coming to grips with the fact that her mom ended a 20 year marriage with no warning because she was having an affair with another woman. The main character is trapped between a bunch of feelings, all of them mixed, all of them giving me the impression that the author is highly confused as to her own feelings on the matter. There’s a point where an author spends WAY too much time justifying her main’s thoughts so that she, the author, isn’t perceived as a homophobe.

Well Niki, You fail. Cuz I’m getting the opinion you’re a homophobe and the only reason you’re writing a book about a lesbien is because it’s a hot liberal topic and you’re the perfect sheep liberal.

And to crown the whole and just make me even more peeved, Good ol’ dear Niki, You just HAD to bring up religion. “I’m sure God doesn’t think my mom is sinning because she’s a lesbien”

Ok let’s look at this. Your mom
1. Cheated on your dad
2. With a woman
3. Which ended up causing a divorce.

Right, so far your mom has broken a ten commandment, shown herself to have a depraved mind, and done something that God hates. idk what God you think you’re serving, but it sure ain’t the real one.

All you people want to justify yourself by saying “Oh, God wouldn’t judge me for this because he’s a kind God.” yet in the same breath admit that you’re not “Religious”

Well if you aren’t religious, how do you know diddly-squat about God and who He judges? Do you just have ESP or something? The Liberal who sets foot in church 2 times a year is trying to tell me, a 4 day a week church goer, that They’re the expert authority on God and who he judges. Have you read your bible lately? Obviously not because if you did you would know that homosexuality is a sin. So is adultery and lying and lust and swearing(ouch) and anger(double ouch) and excessive flirting(triple ouch) and being born human(quadruple ouch)

What I want to know is why morals are so important to immoral people. If I didn’t believe in God, I would go out and do all that bad stuff and I wouldn’t feel bad about it. I wouldn’t try to justify myself, I wouldn’t try to feed myself some bull-crap just to make me feel like I’m a good person cuz frankly, if there is no God, Who cares that I’m a good person or not?

I”m a christian and I’m a terrible person. I admit that. And I am happier in the knowledge that I”m a terrible person and God HATES what I do then a pseudo-Christian is while trying to justify every little action and make themselves out to be a good person just to make themselves feel better. I’m a scum-dweller and I’m happy, BECAUSE I’m living under grace. And the people who try and try and try and are FOREVER trying…. Those people aren’t happy. Those people write highly offensive and confusing books about lesbien moms. Those people grapple with themselves about what they believe God finds to be sin and what God doesn’t. And these people don’t accept grace.

So why not admit you’re filthy rotten and be happy? I did.

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2 Responses to My Pet Peeves

  1. OMC I Got a Belly button says:

    Man all that from a book. Truly a teens mind alright.

  2. bekahcubed says:

    Hmm… I can see how you might be ticked. I think I would be rather upset too. In fact, I KNOW I would be upset. Hey–btw, wanna do lunch on Friday? I think I might come down (if I can).

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