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1) Eco-friendly rant 2) solution

1) My current facebook status is “Grace almost said something incredibly rude to someone she loves very much. Please, don’t talk about the environment when Grace is around.” I know, really long status… But it’s the truth.. I almost cyber-told … Continue reading

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      Isn’t that a really creepy resemblance?

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the “I haven’t been on in weeks” ketchup post.

I have numerous things to blog about currently. #1 “(verse 1)saviour I come, quiet my soul. Remember. Redemptions hill, where your blood was spilled for my ransom. (prechorus)Everything I once held dear, I count it all as loss. (Chorus) Lead … Continue reading

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memory unloading.

I have a memory that I really need to get out. Aiight, Summer 2007 my church went to Access in KC. It was a lot of fun for the first half of the week. The sessions were pretty intense though. … Continue reading

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happy new year…. not!

I hate the new year! I hate it with a passion. What’s the point of this holiday??? Honestly, it’s just an excuse hang out and get drunk…. oh wait…. I’m underage…. and all my friends are at a party I … Continue reading

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