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My current facebook status is “Grace almost said something incredibly rude to someone she loves very much. Please, don’t talk about the environment when Grace is around.” I know, really long status… But it’s the truth.. I almost cyber-told someone to buzz off(the nicer words for what I had in mind) because they sent me something as miniscule as a “save the environment” app invitation.

Just to clarify this… I hate eco-friendliness. I hate the global warming fluke. I hate the freaking out about greenhouse gasses. I hate the stupid tax they want to put on farmers because of the greenhouse gasses their animals emit. I hate it when people go out of their way to be nice to an inanimate object. What ticks me off the MOST! is the fact that president Obama is joining the fray. I personally don’t care if a very conscious person says “You know what, I’m going to ride my bike to work because 1) it’s more price efficient 2) It reduces greenhouse gasses and 3)I’m kind of lazy, I am American after all.” But Darnit! That has no place in government! My nation is in the middle of a war that is only going on because freedom is being protecting and the first thing the new president does is work on stuff concerning eco-friendliness??? GET A BRAIN!!!! Ever heard the song “circle of life”? Well, it’s the circle of life, people. You get out, you start fights, you ruin some crap on the way, You die, You return to dust, you end up either in heaven or hell.

I believe that the human race along with every single planet in every single galaxy is coming to an end.  everyone talks about “oh we’re saving the environment for our grandkids!”. Well, I’m not going to say that because I don’t believe there will be any grandkids to save the planet for. I think by the time the next generation is reproducing Jesus will come and we’ll have far bigger fish to fry. The earth will get burned up by the sun and we’ll all die!!! I know, It sounds like a conspiracy theory… It kind of is a conspiracy theory… anyway, the whole global warming thing is just a political ploy to turn heads from the true issue. from the very beginning America’s purpose has been to protect freedom. Right now there are very evil people in the middle east and Sudan who are impinging upon the freedom of the people. America is the *self-proclamed* defender of freedom… People are DYING! which do you think is a bigger issue? global warming or the wars that we are wrapping up and about to get into?

I know some of you are going to read this and say “But Grace, I’m worshipping God by being a good steward of the earth he’s given me.”.. I understand that… I *might even respect that. But doesn’t God say somewhere “But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you”… Jesus said this because there were people out their boasting about how much they prayed…. I look atenvironmentally-friendliness in the same way as I look at prayer. It’s a private personal thing. Go into your room and be eco-friendly. Fine! I don’t care! but do NOT judge me because I don’t recycle or because I still drive my lambo even though it guzzles gas. Last time I checked I still lived(past tense, I’m afraid of checking again) in a free country!

Something that I learned from one of my friends at school(I know, It amazed me too.) is that everything that happens is in God’s plan. Think about how silly this is. OUr environment’s in shambles and God’s looking down saying “I didn’t expect THAT to happen!”… No… no… just… no. that’s not how God works. He’s all powerful, and all knowing… He knows that we’re eventually going to use up all the resources. He know’s we’re trashing the place… it’s in human nature to trash things. seriously, I can understand this! I got mad one day so I chucked an object (that I won’t disclose here) at the floor… It busted into pieces! I get mad, my first instinct is to break something. My dad is always ranting about how his house is in shambles because his kids keep on breaking it… Humans are very violent! You don’t teach a kid to hit, you teach it not to hit! God knows what is going on. He knows what’s going to happen. He knows EVERYTHING! There’s a reason we call him all knowing… past present and future, he knows it all! If he didn’t know the future would he be all knowing? What a no-brainer! “If he didn’t know this would he still be all-knowing”… Geez, stupidity amazes me… in this case my stupidity… any-who, now you know why I don’t like eco-friendliness, especially in the government.

On to….


The easy way out is socialism or dictatorship. The hard way out is democracy… God’s way out is to take up the cross and follow him. everyone knows that the easy way out has lots of string attatched and the hard way takes too much effort… But God is the perfect solution. After school today some guy was complaining about how people aren’t effective and how they just cling to their beliefs and won’t get over it and do something productive… this was kind of a slap in the face for me because This guy is very decidedly agnostic/atheistic, And I had a strange feeling inside my soul that he was talking about christians. This other girl kept on telling him, “don’t worry about their life, just worry about your life.”. Usually I don’t applaud people from school… especially not my Obama loving, eco-friendly, pro-gay rights friends…. but at this point I’m going to have to applaud the statement. Amen sista! You win the standing O. If people(and the government) would mind their own business, we wouldn’t be in a big mess… unfortunately, sometimes it doesn’t work like that. Sometimes there’s evil people out their deciding that their business is killing people, babies, animals, plants, diseases, etc. and the first thing that pops into someone’s mind is “dear God, that’s gotta stop!”. Well, that’s where taking up the cross comes into play. When you’re lugging around one and a half trees, you’re probably fairly blind to anything but the person who is leading you. If God is that person, then shouldn’t you be going exactly where he wants you to be going? If God wants you to end injustice, then he’ll lead you down that road. If everyone in the universe was following the same person, then wouldn’t we all be united under the same purpose? If we’re all striving toward the same end, then would there still be people out there killing stuff? No. there wouldn’t. God is the solution. true peace comes through Christ. There isn’t a better way. When everyone is united under God… THEN we will have peace. THEN we will be truly free. THEN injustice will come to an end. THEN we will be happy. You’ve probably heard that for so many years… TV ads shove that down your throat 24/7. “Buy this and then you’ll be happy!” “Buy this and you’ll be eco-friendly!” “Buy this and there will be world peace!”(Yes, that one does exist…. Pepsi commercials in the 70′s were all about world peace). People complain “But it’s so hard to be a christian! There are so many rules!”. Guess what, I’m a christian and I love my life. I don’t feel restricted unless I look away from God. and take it from me, the greener grass on the other side is actually astro-turf. Drugs kill you… alcohol kills your liver… which kills you… smoking gives you cancer… which kills you… Sex gives you STD’s.. which kill you… anorexia makes your body digest itself… which kills you. a really nice tan gives you skin cancer… which kills you. Big boobs make your spine collapse because you have too much weight on your chest… which kills you.  That’s the grass on the other side…. does it look so green now? or was it just pretending to be grass? It just looks good, but when you send your goat out to graze… it DIES! because there isn’t any nourishment there. It’s just plastic… You can’t sustain life on it…. much less build life on it! in 50 years who’s gonna be happier; me, the christian that stayed away from all that evil nasty stuff that kills you, or the person who is either rotting in a sarcoffigus, or in a hospital with one foot in the sarcoffigus and one toe on the shore. something tells me you’re going to want to be with me in 50 years…. with Jesus… He’s the ultimate solution to every political, relational, emotional problem… he is the source and sustainer of life. He’s ‘in the biz’, so to speak. He knows how to deal with life, he’s got a perfect track record… and it’s not because he didn’t vote on anything controvertial! He votes on something and 100% of the time it succeeds… Well, God just voted for your life, the odds are definately in his favor.

That is the monthly 1573 words from the Teeange girl’s brain.

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2 Responses to 1) Eco-friendly rant 2) solution

  1. mangsta2 says:

    Yay for rants…… :) But…. “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 46:10.

  2. bekahcubed says:

    Well. I would say “no comment” (as you and I certainly disagree on the eco-friendly side of things, at least)–but you should check out this great eco-friendly article Dad sent me yesterday. (And don’t worry, Dad wouldn’t have sent it to me if it weren’t a “Grace-approved eco-friendly message ;-) )

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