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What’s on my mind

August 26th 12:01 AM The problem with not believing in Love is that it demeans God. God is love. If you don’t believe in Love, you don’t believe in God. It’s rather simple.┬áNo wonder I was struggling with my faith … Continue reading

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First day of Sophomore year

well, I’m finished with my second first day of high school… It was fun. I liked seeing all the people that I haven’t talked to in a while. We’ve all kind of grown up a little bit…. at least, most … Continue reading

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The lowering of our standard.

I am more then slightly sickened by all of the…. filth that has infiltrated our daily lives. why is it that we can’t watch the TV without having sex shoved down our throats. I”m particularly distressed by one Miley Cyrus. … Continue reading

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given up

I’ve given up fighting politics. This doesn’t mean I’ve stopped ranting, I’ve just stopped fighting… basically this means that if a ignorant teenager just wants to get a good fight out of me, I’m not going to take the bait. … Continue reading

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Another(direction-less) rant

so yeah, I was talkin’ with my big sister(of and she was telling me about this lobbyest that she had to listen to rant about tea partiers… she said that he was trying to get money fast. fast money … Continue reading

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Intermission ’09

Well, here it is. The long awaited summary of my Youth Group’s summer trip. Don’t get too excited people! This is simply life changing material! Lol, well, where to start…. the beginning I guess! Day 1: We all piled into … Continue reading

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I”m home from my youth trip! I’m going to blog all about it when I find a few hours of free time(yes, it will take hours). Needless to say, a lot happened and I can’t wait to blog all about … Continue reading

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