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Why Pity Parties are a Bad Idea

They don’t make you feel good. They make you feel worse. All day I’ve been fighting self-pity. Fighting it. When usually I would give in and whine and get angry. But today I attempted(and semi-failed) to not give in. I’m … Continue reading

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My Testimony

As a part of my college experience I’ve been getting very involved with the Navigators. This is a christian organization on campus that’s goal is to know Christ and to make Him known. Ironically enough, that’s the goal of my … Continue reading

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As most of you have probably noticed there’s a lot of buzz online and elsewhere about “YOLO” or “You Only Live Once” Granted I’m a little behind the curve on putting my two cents in, but my views on yolo … Continue reading

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Besties, Butterflies, and Brokenness

Hooray, College. I”m skyping my Allersahn right now. I’ve missed her. She’s going to a school four hours away. It’s a little difficult. She sent me a picture of us. I’m broke. I gots no moneys. Praise Jesus for … Continue reading

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Only In Nebraska

Imagine this, ladies and gentlegerms. You are lying on the couch gently snoozing to the tellie while the sun streams in the windows, the air conditioning successfully protecting you from the 102 degree heat outside. In the foggy recesses of … Continue reading

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