As most of you have probably noticed there’s a lot of buzz online and elsewhere about “YOLO” or “You Only Live Once”

Granted I’m a little behind the curve on putting my two cents in, but my views on yolo have only just solidified. As in today. I was walking over a rather large bridge gazing up at the most beautiful thing created by mankind(memorial stadium. What a good little husker I am) and thinking about yolo and Jesus when it all clicked into place. So now I’m telling the bloggosphere about it. It’s my reward for finishing my biology paper. :D aren’t I the most pathetic person in the world?

For the last year of my life whenever I’m faced with a question of morality I’ve been asking myself the question “In twenty years will I regret not doing this?” From senior campout to senior skip day to shoplifting to underaged drinking my question has been “Will I regret this?”

Well this weekend it became shockingly clear to me that I don’t regret some of the decisions I have made because I have friends who made the opposite decision and I’m really glad I’m not in the same place they are. But as I got to thinking about where I’m at and where my friends are at I realized that it doesn’t matter what I do in this life to give myself pleasure. None of it is going to satisfy me.

And now all you super mature Christians out there are groaning and saying “COME ON GRACE! It took you how long to figure that out???”

Seriously people, I thought I was doing myself a favor by getting slightly into the YOLO mindset. Like “Oh the stories I will tell about my young and carefree days!”

Well the truly poetic thing I thought of today was that for me it may be true that I only live once, but that life lasts for an eternity. The decision I make today for immediate pleasure could get in the way of my eternal pleasure.

So now my question is “Will this give me eternal pleasure or will it potentially hurt eternity?”

Not that my making an unwise decision is going to bar me from heaven and strip me of my title of heir, not at all! But an unwise decision has the potential to turn me away from God thereby glorifying God in my own demise instead of by grace.

And no, I do not at the current moment believe in once saved always saved. I do in fact believe that (theoretically) tomorrow I could turn my back on God and walk away from his grace. In all actuality, the chances of that actually happening are slim, but if I were to make some unwise decisions and start compromising in the name of YOLO who knows where I’d end up. I don’t want to touch that vortex with a 9 million foot pole. No temporary pleasure of this world is worth eternity.

So I walk the line. Call me a prude, call me boring, call me what you will. When the desires of my flesh are laid bare I’m not any different than your average whore. The difference is who I have chosen to be, and more importantly who God has made me.

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2 Responses to YOLO

  1. bekahcubed says:

    Love the Christian hedonism: “Will this give me eternal pleasure?” Great thought-provoking post.

  2. Max O says:

    Love the questions “Will I regret this?” & “Will this give me eternal pleasure or will it potentially hurt eternity?”

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