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Lazy Monday: STUFFED

Stuffed: full, not hungry. I don’t know what it is about birthdays, but everyone decides they want to feed you whenever you turn a year older. Congratulations, you’ve wasted another year of your life! Can you feel your metabolism slowing … Continue reading

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Lazy Monday: CHILL OUT

Chill out: Calm down, stop freaking out, pipe down, take a chill pill, calm yo self, hold your horses, shut up. You know those people that you just want to smack upside the head? Yeah me too. I don’t like … Continue reading

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Lazy Monday: VALLEYS

Valley: A depression. A low point in land, emotion, relationship, etc. Just to preface this post, my sister got married last Saturday. For her wedding she did all the flowers and stuff. One of my duties as bridesmaid was to … Continue reading

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Lazy Monday: ERRANDS

Errand: A menial task that takes longer to drive to the location than to actually do business. For example. Going to the bank to cash checks. Grocery shopping. Getting gas in one’s car. Picking up books from the library. Dropping … Continue reading

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