Lazy Monday: ERRANDS

Errand: A menial task that takes longer to drive to the location than to actually do business.

For example. Going to the bank to cash checks. Grocery shopping. Getting gas in one’s car. Picking up books from the library. Dropping off books at the library.

These are particularly annoying to me because I work strange hours. I can’t do half these things before work and who the heck wants to go shopping after working a twelve hour shift? Doing it on my days off is out of the question. Hence the lazy in Lazy Mondays. I guess I should go put gas in my car because I really am not going to want to do it tomorrow before work and I can’t procrastinate it any longer. I wonder if I wear a really big winter coat… Well it can’t be helped.

Moral of this story. I hate errands. Errands suck. When I”m rich and famous I’m going to hire a butler to do all this stuff for me. Actually what makes these things so horrible is that I get so bored doing them. I drive and listen to the same dry old songs on the way there. I spend five minutes at the place and then I drive for more minutes and listen to even more stupid stuff. It’s like “why the heck did I put pants on for this.” I should put audio books in my car to make is more interesting. Maybe then I won’t hate errands so much…. I don’t know.

What errands do you hate? Please, ease the monotony!

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