Too Lazy for Lazy Monday

I was fully intending to post a Lazy Monday post this past Monday but as it turns out I got too lazy. I recently downloaded a Nintendo 64 emulator onto the old computer so for the morning time I was playing Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The epitome of laziness right there. Then I was texted by one of my high school friends Megan(who just happens to be my twin in every way except for the ways that count. See side note A) and asked if I wanted to go play more video games with her at her house(these of an athletic nature. She has a Kinect.) I agreed and before I knew it I was prancing around her basement dodging obstacles. Then we decided to go to Disney land because neither of us had been. So we popped in the disk and had all our magical dreams come true. Lo and behold, I glanced at the clock and it was 9pm the night before a work day. Alas, I went right home to bed. No Lazy Monday post. J’etais trop paresseuse.

SIDE NOTE A: Megan and my’s first indication that we were twins happened in second year French when we sat in the same chair in the same class only different periods. Mme Lefler consistently called me Megan. For the first month this puzzled me deeply until Mme told me why she was so often confused. I later told the story to my friend and long story short we found that Mme confused us with each other(or at least me for Megan.) Later that year during show choir competition season my own father would watch my show and constantly be watching Megan thinking she was me. Then we had a Human Behavior class together Junior year and that teacher called Megan ‘Grace’ more than once or twice. The crowning jewel came on Monday when Megan’s Kinect recognized me as Megan and was extremely confused by the two of us. I guess we look alike or something.

SIDE NOTE B: It’s the 27th of February and I’m three chapters from the end of Surprised by Joy. I read probably half of the book this morning. I couldn’t put it down. C.S. Lewis is so frank about humanity that it’s equal parts shocking and refreshing. The book is almost purely anecdotal, yet Lewis contrasts his atheistic lens and his post-conversion lens. I love it. I love love love it. He also does a wonderful job of defining joy and how it is different from lust(not merely sexual lust.) and happiness.

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