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So, as the title suggests, i am going to try my hand at vlogging. It’s a new year full of oportunities that include the amazing peace that I have found comes from being in a car all by ones self…. … Continue reading

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bittersweet 16

So yah, here’s the exciting thing. It’s my sweet 16! Not happy part….. government takeover of health care on my sweet 16. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!!!!! Insult to injury here, congress! Not only are you planning on taxing the life … Continue reading

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Rec Night

So my youth group is having a Rec Night this saturday, right. Well, I had this brilliant idea! Use social networking sites to invite people to it! So, like any facebook-addicted person, I made an event on facebook and invited … Continue reading

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New Thing?

Yeah, so one of my good ol’ friends, Klassickayla is doing this “Do a new thing every day” thing. So it’s pretty cool she does cool stuff like eat wasabi peas and fly kites and watch awesome movies with yours … Continue reading

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a Tidbit and a Song

So here’s a little tidbit. One of my students was really crabby tonight and actually started crying in the middle of the lesson because she didn’t practice, and I was making her play her songs anyway. I kind of feel … Continue reading

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Love Story

There were so many things I did. So many choices I made. They didn’t seem to affect me but my thoughts were purely selfish. I didn’t think about you or the knife I’d plunged in your back. The pain it … Continue reading

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I cannot lie, I have no words to say. At least no words that can express how I’m feeling at the moment. I can try. Eagar, loved, yearning, hungry, discontent, happy, lucky, hopeful, hesitant, exultant, depressed, unmotivated, lucky once again. … Continue reading

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