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*A shout out to girls who have body image issues*

Okay girls, Listen to the voice of experience.. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I know that’s weird coming from a total stranger but, it’s true. Whatever you do, don’t do things to your body because it isn’t what you think it should … Continue reading

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Time, there’s only so much of it.

Don’t you hate it when people expect you to have all the time in the world, when really you’re crunching? I feel like that’s happening to me right now… why must I have a social life, as well as go … Continue reading

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Don’t get too comfy :)

I know I know I know. I’m posting twice in a day. I just had to get this down before it flew. What if God gives us dry spots because we’re getting too comfortable where we’re at? I mean, isn’t … Continue reading

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“You’re happily single???”

Yes, I did have someone say that to me today. Why does it always surprise people that I’m happy with my life? people are always talking about their boyfirends and their ex-boyfriends and who’s dating who. I don’t care! And … Continue reading

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The poem I wrote.

I look in the mirror, but what do I see? It’s nothing much, just a poor reflection of me. That person staring back, Doesn’t have a name. Just this insane ability, To make me feel ugly. I can’t help but … Continue reading

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Digging through the facebook archives(I hope this is helpful)

Recent events have drastically thrown my life into perspective. I pulled up my old facebook notes and I found one that applies to this situation. Perhaps it’ll be an answer to the whole “Why the heck is God letting our … Continue reading

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