Don’t get too comfy :)

I know I know I know. I’m posting twice in a day. I just had to get this down before it flew.

What if God gives us dry spots because we’re getting too comfortable where we’re at? I mean, isn’t it important for us to be constantly growing in our relationship with God? Somewhere in my journal it says “When ppl stop reaching out, they stop growing” People keep stressing about their quiet times and praying before meals and all their personal stuff that they leave out the actual progressing of the kingdom of God. I don’t like to think of my bible reading time as a chore or something I have to do, I like to think of it as preparing for the next time someone asks me a question about God. I can’t answer a question about God in the right way unless I’m in tune with God myself. Not only is the answer not neccisarily the correct one, it’s kind of hypocritical. When you get too comfortable and start to get lazy, that’s when God withdraws and say “It’s time for you too get re-focused”. 

So, Instead of asking questions of God, we should ask questions of ourselves(don’t even bother telling me that that’s from the movie “one night with the king” Joshua, I am aware.). What do WE need to be doing to get our relationship with God on track? maybe we’ve gotten too comfortable with just sitting and waiting for things to happen(does not apply to relationships(last time I checked persuing a physical relationship didn’t classify as progressing the kingdom of God)). So, Get off your butt! Get out there and do stuff for God. You aren’t feeling it because you’re comfortable. Get out of your comfort zone, and there’s room for God to show you new stuff and help you learn. I’m not saying I’m an expert at this, I’m just suggesting we try new things together. So, my challenge to you is to get off your butt, and out of your comfort zone. Maybe you’ll learn something about yourself and about God.

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