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Thankful Thursday

Despite seeing a bunch of “thirty days of thankfulness” stuff on facebook I haven’t really been feeling it this Thanksgiving. Maybe it’s because I’m a rebel and when everyone else is doing stuff it makes me not want to do … Continue reading

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And Hope does not Disappoint…

At the moment I am procrastinating studying for a huge calc exam(that’s in the morning!!!) by watching youtube, facebooking, and applying for jobs for next semester. Full time jobs… Yup. I’m dropping out of college… … … Just kidding! I’m … Continue reading

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Heart Blasphemy Continued

That Wednesday night as I drove home from the coffee shop pondering the man who desecrated ‘Nothing but the Blood’. I was still kind of riled up and I was thinking about how Joanna and I had reacted and wondered … Continue reading

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Heart Blasphemy

This post is half a week late. The point in time that I want to talk about actually happened last Wednesday. To set the scene, in biology class I had heard from a friend that she was going to be … Continue reading

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Where You Go I’ll Go

“My dearest Lizzy I hardly know what to write but I have….” News? It’s been a few weeks since I last posted and I have no idea where to start. God. Is. CRAZY!!!!!! In my last post I talked about … Continue reading

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