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Revival at a cost

I walked up to the teacher’s desk after class and threw my project assignment onto it. “I’m sorry Mr. wright, I can’t do this project.” Mr. Wright took off his reading glasses and carefully set them on the desk, deliberately … Continue reading

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1) Eco-friendly rant 2) solution

1) My current facebook status is “Grace almost said something incredibly rude to someone she loves very much. Please, don’t talk about the environment when Grace is around.” I know, really long status… But it’s the truth.. I almost cyber-told … Continue reading

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*A shout out to girls who have body image issues*

Okay girls, Listen to the voice of experience.. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I know that’s weird coming from a total stranger but, it’s true. Whatever you do, don’t do things to your body because it isn’t what you think it should … Continue reading

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