Lazy Monday: CHILL OUT

Chill out: Calm down, stop freaking out, pipe down, take a chill pill, calm yo self, hold your horses, shut up.

You know those people that you just want to smack upside the head? Yeah me too. I don’t like checking facebook because I always read posts that make me want to say one of the above things.

I sit on my couch with my food and my feet up reading posts. I run across something like

“Stop trying to change me. I refuse to be anyone but myself”

and I’m like. calm down, bro. Calm down. Nobody’s tryin’ to change you, bro. bro? brooooo…

Some people think they’re being courageous and taking a stand of individuality when in all actuality they’re getting worked up over nothing.

The way I see it, we’re all trapped in the prison cell that is life. Some of us have been trapped for a while and we know that there’s no way to get out so we don’t even try. And these poor suckers come along and they haven’t figured it out yet so they raise a ruckus and they try to break free. All the noise and whatnot just annoys the rest of us. In a mild sort of way. Because lets be real, folks, who gives a crap?

In my life I’m learning something about myself. I have to fake outrage a lot. I don’t get worked up a lot. Life goes on, you know?

List of facebook/twitter posts that Grace will gloss over and say “chill out bro”

1. Posts that take a stand against an imagined threat. “I’m going to be myself and anyone who doesn’t like it can suck it!”

calm down.

2. Posts that express excessive amounts of stress over events that are going to happen regardless of said post. “OMG big test tomorrow! SO stressed!”

Shouldn’t you be studying instead of tweeting? Pipe down.

3. Any post that comments about the weather. “It’s snowing. :((((((((((”

calm yo’self.

4. Posts complaining about other people. “Argh! My llama stole my boyfriends cell phone!”

what the…. calm down!

5. Any post complaining about life in general. “I’m so tired I almost fell asleep in class!”

Oh yeah? I woke up at 4:30 AM and went to work for 12 hours. take a chill pill. and maybe a caffeine pill too…

6. Anything in all caps. “ZOMG CATS I LOVE CATS CATS CATS CATS!!!!!!!!!!”

no. shut up.

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One Response to Lazy Monday: CHILL OUT

  1. bekahcubed says:

    Love, love, love your examples. The llama one totally made me laugh out loud. I agree that many Facebookies could use a chill pill. Which is why I take a chill pill before rapidly scrolling through my Facebook feed.

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