According to Wikipedia, Selling out means…”the compromising of integrity, morality, or principles in exchange for money or “success” (however defined).[1] It is commonly associated with attempts to tailor material to a mainstream audience.”

Urban Dictionary defines a sell-out as “Anyone who sacrifices artistic integrity in an effort to become more successful or popular (generally in music); someone who forgets their roots.”

I think Urban Dictionary does a great job of conveying my definition of the word. “Someone who forgets their roots”

Now, generally when christian bloggers go off on sell-outs, they’re generally talking about those christians who sold out and compromised their christian values in order to be more popular in the world…. which, undoubtedly, is an issue and some would say that I’m that type of sell-out. Hell, some days I’m almost positive I’m that type of sell-out(Although my compromising of morals is a lot less insecure and more selfish. But that’s irrelevant, I’m not going to defend my sinful nature. It is what it is.)

The kind of sell-out that I absolutely can’t stand… are the christians who forget their sinful roots. (as afore mentioned, I error on the other side of this continuum, but!) You all know the people I’m talking about… They repost all those facebook thingies that are all “I’m part of the 6% that will share this and stand up for God!” Like yeah, whatever.

You can stand up for God on facebook, but do you stand up for him at school? In your workplace? In your life? Seriously, who are you to say that I don’t stand up for God?

granted, I could just repost the stupid picture and then I wouldn’t have this problem,

But doesn’t that just REEK of selling out?

Nothing says “Jesus loves you” quite like proclaiming yourself the cream of the proverbial christian crop.

It has just hit me! This compromises one the most important christian values. Humility.

yes, there is a such thing as mainstream christian… and I HATE IT! even more than I hate secular mainstream, because when I’m hanging out with the druggies they aren’t pretending to be better then me. They aren’t pretending to be a part of the 6% that stands up for Jesus on facebook and subliminally calling you a heathen for not reposting. I will not be guilted into cluttering my wall with poor artwork proclaiming everything that I had about the American Church. Sorry guys, I’m not going to sell out. I am a heathen. I’m a terrible christian. I sell out the other way more then I should. I compromise way more then I should. And I’m not saying I’m any less of a sell-out…. but at least my selling out comes with a dose of reality. I’m not pretending to be the 6%. I know I’m a sell-out. I know I get distracted. I know I LOOOOOVE gratifying the sinful nature. But I see it for what it is, and yeah, it makes me a little sick on the inside to see the stupid little compromises I’ve made over the years that got me to where I’m at today… But I’d like to think I’ll be stronger for it in the end. One day I’ll get back on track… or maybe I’ve been on track the whole time, I just keep looking back… I don’t know. But I’ve got my God and my morals… I’ve got my ideals…. and one of those just happens to be a hatred for all pompous christianity.

cough.cough.Casting Crowns.cough.cough

And to name a few more “christian” artist I don’t care for… Brit Nicole… that one lady who sang “Jesus take the wheel”…. Did I mention Casting Crowns? Yeah I REALLY hate them.

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