From the Prison

You know, I haven’t talked about my school much and I have no idea why…. Mostly because of privacy issues but also because I hate it here. Why talk about something I hate? Well, since I’m languishing in my first period digital media class, I think I’ll let you in on the hatred.

Lets start with an external description.

My school looks like a prison. All it needs is some barbed wire around the outside and BAM! Prison. Granted, it’s a rather nice looking prison, but seriously guys. Being built in the war era, these people were thinking of efficiency and cost effectiveness…. So there aren’t any windows. Lately we’ve had a lot of renovations and a few windows have been added, but considering the actual structure of the building there wasn’t much they could do.

Internal description

I probably shouldn’t rip my teachers while on a school computer so I will sum it all up into one word: Laziness.

Relational description

Again, I probably should rip my fellow classmates on a school computer for fear of getting charged with cyber bullying, but considering I”m including myself in this I hope it won’t be so bad. Apathy. Bloody, Lazy, Shallow apathy.

But what do you expect from a bunch of teens?

So basically school is my daily hell. I don’t even see the light of day until lunch time…

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One Response to From the Prison

  1. bekahcubed says:

    Clarification: Being built in the COLD war period, that school was built as a bunker in case of nuclear holocaust. Which pretty much makes for a diagnosis of S.A.D. (starting in August when you start school and ending in June when school finally gets out).

    I hated that building too. The fluorescents gave me headaches.

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