Geekophobia: The fear of all things geek.

So I have this coworker that watches 16 and Pregnant and all those really lame reality tv shows that are everything wrong with this country. The other day I was working and made a comment to a resident about watching Doctor Who. (The resident was a whovian too). My coworker said:

“What’s Doctor Who?”

I responded with:

“Oh it’s a sci-fi show. Kind of along the same line of Star Wars and Star Trek… It’s about time travel.”

To which she said:

“Oh wow. You’re really weird.”

And so I said:

“Let’s call it what it is: I’m a geek.”

I tend to get the response of disbelief and disdain from people a lot when I tell them I like the things I like. Wait, what? A girl like you likes Star Trek? And it’s not because Chris Pine is a babe? Whaaaaat, you like Doctor Who? Whaaaaat you like Star Wars? Whaaaaat you would go to comicon?

At first glance it looks like these people think they’re better than me. Which may or may not be true. But I think deep down these people are terrified because they don’t understand what’s going on in geeky things. I love these shows because space, and time travel, and the origin of the universe intrigue me. I love that they reference science-y stuff and that it challenges me to learn more.

Like Petrichor.

It’s a new-ish word for the scent of the earth after rain…. Petrichor.

So, my dear coworker. Don’t be afraid. I just like gaining random tidbits of knowledge. Don’t hate. Don’t be a geekophobe… We’re normal people just like you… Except we know how to hardcore fangirl… but that’s a different story.

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