Political rant

What really bugs me about school are all the uninformed liberal quacks running around. We got into a huge discussion about Conservative vs. Liberal in my civics class… It simply amazes me how people are more concerned about people putting make-up on a bunny rabbit, then they are about my unborn child. And the whole universal health care thing!?!? they actually believe that the government taking money out of people who are getting by fine on their own, BARELY getting by fine on their own, and giving it to bums who choose not to work is a good thing??? If I were president I would tell the hobos to get a job. And I would stop immagrants from coming in and taking the jobs that SHOULD be filled by said bums. OH! and seperation of church and state. It doesn’t work! you can’t seperate church and state! Every human being either believes in God or doesn’t believe in God. If you’re going to be all in my life, than maybe you should recognize the things that mean the most to me. I’m not going to elect a president who is an atheist and all in my life. because he’d meddle and take away things that He didn’t like. And I make my decisions based on the bible, I want a leader who does also. These people just don’t seem to understand the concept of “something worth fighting for”. They’re so caught up in “equality” that decency is left behind. Doesn’t anyone other than me think that gayness is the most disgusting thing out there? I don’t want to live in a country where people with unnatural sex lives are paraded around and almost worshipped because they’re discriminated against. Dangit, be happy we’re too civilized to stone you! And what’s all this “save the environment” stuff about. It’s the least of our worries. If the polar bears are ready to die, then by golly, let them die. the government shouldn’t have anything to do with what car you drive or if you recycle your newspaper. That’s an individuals choice. I find myself purosely putting my scrap paper in the regular old trash can instead of the recycling bin just to spite environmentalists. I mean, sure we do go through a lot of trees, but the beauty of it is, for every tree there’s the potential for a hundred more trees. We do actually plant a tree for every tree we cut down!!! And the whole vegitarian thing? Animals don’t have feelings. They were practically made to be eaten. I’m not saying vegitarians are evil, I’m just saying don’t not eat animals because you think it hurts their feelings. In any case, one person not eating meat doesn’t exactly impact the meat industry. they’r still going to kill the cow, wether you eat it or not.

That’s it for now. rest assured, more shall come.

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4 Responses to Political rant

  1. flippedinsideout says:

    Hahaha. Grace, I love you! =)
    Even if your civics class is causing you frustration, it is nice to know you are actually thinking through the issues and not just getting caught up in arguing “liberal v. conservative” jargon.

  2. bekahcubed says:

    Oh honey, you’re funny. Thanks for giving me a good laugh. But honestly, keep thinking about these issues–and about what really matters about them. I’d encourage you to study some issues more in depth–maybe even read some of the “Opposing Viewpoints” books on the issues. It’ll give you a chance to be more informed about the pros and cons and nuances of various positions.

    And just so you know, while I’m “officially” more conservative than you (my 30 to your 42), I happen to disagree with a few of the statements you made. I’m not telling you as a “you’re wrong” but as an example of how the liberal vs. conservative (or even more so the democrat vs. republican) dichotomy doesn’t even begin to address the true variation of political thought.

  3. boyerling3 says:

    sheesh Grace, you sound like a tough-lovin’ political BA. On most issues I’m sure we have mostly the same viewpoints. If you stated something like this and I was a liberal I’d probably be very offended. You should probably try to polish up your arguments a bit. You say that what car you drive is an individuals choice, isn’t that the same argument that pro-choice people have? I definitely know the frustration that comes from arguing with liberals, but keep trying to the the better man (well woman in your case), not to be superior, but because it’s the right thing

  4. bekahcubed says:

    Tag, you’re it! It’s time for you to get back to blogging, dear. And I’ve tagged you for a meme to get you started up again. Tell us six random things about yourself and pass it along!

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