I’m SOOOO busy!!!

Can you believe it? Grace the lazy bum of a homeschooler has finally found out what busy really means. It’s september 9th! It feels like no time has passed since school started. Yet here I am three weeks into my first year of school. Weird. I have been incredibly busy with school and piano and all this other stuff, that I’ve had no time to lament time lost, or rather time spent on undesirable activities(homework :( …) It has been fun though, I’ve met some people at school (a plus) I’m not super mad at my geometry teacher anymore(I’m getting 100% on most of my assignments(tee hee, he put a smiley face on my quiz(I wonder if that had to do with my perfect score?))). My fitness for life teacher is super enthusiastic(why how come, you may ask? She always says hi whenever she sees me. That, In my book, Is enthusiastic.). I can introduce myself in french and tell you how old I am and if I like pizza(J’aime bien la pizza!). I’ve had a few subs already, three of them were really nice, and one mean. I don’t think that nice subs should suffer because the mean ones give them a bad name. My heart was lifted when I saw a flyer for a girls bible study… and then saddened because it’s on a wednesday. I am using my skill, that happened to be a skill that they don’t nurture in school(unless of course you are wicked good and can improv(*cough*jazzband*cough*) for good. I’m one of the best music readers in LEHS front line(formerly known as pit).  So for all the business and insipidity of school, I have actually learned stuff! how exciting.

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3 Responses to I’m SOOOO busy!!!

  1. flippedinsideout says:

    Welcome to life sweetheart! It only gets busier from here on out! :)

  2. Rebekah says:

    Sounds awful–I mean, great! Busy is different, but it can be good–as long as you set up good habits to go along with it.

    I look forward to seeing you after youth group this evening!!

  3. totallysurrendered says:

    sorry about the whole not seeing you :( I had to write paragraphs for mr fichthorn

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