Happy Independance day!

Well, it’s true. Another July 4th celebration is in full swing. My plans for the days go like this

sometime soon: Duets with my beautiful friend Joanna(Viola/Piano duet)

12 noon: Tea party on the capital steps… OOBER JAZZED ABOUT IT!!!! I’ve always wanted to go to a tea party and hold a sign and actually like…. publically say “THIS SUCKS!!!!”

afternoon: Be lazy. hang with friends. laugh a lot. probably some fireworks.

7: eat steaks with my family. YuM favorite American meal.

when it’s dark: Fireworks show and flaming Coconut Soccer!!!!! WOOOTT!!!!! yes, I did say flaming coconut soccer. Some of you are thinking “what are the crazy teenagers doing now” and some of you are thinking¬† “Crap, why didn’t I think of that!”. FCS is my favorite sport. It has a high risk factor which makes it thrilling. It ranks up there with football, hockey and nascar racing…. take away the fire, and it’s the dumbest sport ever created.

Now, the whole point of Independance day is to celebrate the independance of… AMERICA! The point is to celebrate 233 years of freedom. I also celebrate the freedom that I have in christ. So, during your busy day, celebrate freedom from sin.

Over and out.

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