Runners High

so…. I got runners high while I was running with Josh tonight. It was fun.

As a slight prelude to this post, I’ll inform you of one thing…. I suck at running. I REALLY suck at running. I can sprint okay, but over a long distance I’m no good…. probably because I am really out of shape. I really do love to run though. Anyway, I ran half-way and then I stopped for a bit(I know, I’m horrible…) to stretch my calves because they hurt like they would snap at any moment. then I got half way back from the halfway point and I stopped again because I couldn’t breathe. I kept going a while and then right as I was crossing the second to last street before home stretch the song that I was listening to(All that I am-the afters)┬ácame to the chorus.

Love you with all of my heart

Jesus I’ll love you with all of my mind

Jesus I’ll love you with all of my soul

Jesus I’ll love you with all that I am

And I thought “What the heck am I doing. I’m running not because I want to get into shape or because I feel fat or because it’s the right thing to do…. I’m doing this because I love God, and I’m going to run as much as I love God”… Yeah, I felt everything around me fade away. I didn’t hurt anymore, I wasn’t complaining to myself anymore. I was simply running like I love God. And then I was about to cross the tracks and I noticed that there was a train. the first thing that popped into my head was :Is it moving, I need to stop”. poof! Good-bye runners high. Then I got to the street and I was waiting for the light to turn green, and all my icky thoughts came back. I kind of walked/hopped across the street….

Well, I’ve been reading this manga recently called Naruto(yes I’m a nerd, and I”M ON CHAPTER 125!!!!!! only a 325 to go!!!!). In Naruto the main characer(Naruto) is really determined to get the high honor of being the villages Hokage(that is the best ninja in the village). He beats his body and trains and trains and trains until his body is nearly dead… and then he trains some more. He’s super determined and he does whatever it takes to become the best ninja.

Another character(Rock Lee) is determined to become the best at one branch of ninja-awesomeness because he can’ access the other two branches(he’s lame sauce). He also trains and trains and trains until he’s almost dead…. well, in the manga there’s something that rock lee’s sensei tells naruto and lee…. he says that people aren’t born into things… they aren’t entitled to positions like hokage and master of taijutsu…. People get places in their lives through hard work and determination.

I remembered this as I was crossing the street, and I kept thinking “So what, I’m not hard working and determined now!” and then it hit me… Determination is not something that you’re born with, It’s something that you choose to do. You work hard when you’re determined to keep going without stopping even if it means you can’t breathe(or think you can’t breathe) and your calves hurt like they’ve been beaten with a toaster… you keep going and you give it all you’ve got cuz you’re running for Jesus.

Yup, gotta love Naruto. there! I’m not a closet nerd anymore!!!!


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4 Responses to Runners High

  1. bekahcubed says:

    Definitely not in the closet. You’re all out there now, honey!

    I like your new background (even if you’ve probably had it forever.)

  2. MarBear says:

    Beaten with a toaster?!? That made me smile. :-) I can safely say my calves have never be beaten with a toaster. As for being a nerd…. I agree with Bekah. Plus nerds have more fun…. I would know. ;-)

  3. Joshua says:

    I think runner nerds have even more fun, which means I’m rubbing off on someone.

  4. mangsta2 says:

    Runner nerds DEFINITELY have more fun. :P

    But I had a similar experience one time….. I had the song “How Great Thou Art” going through my head again and again as I was running. It was a day where coach said “Run at least to here.” But he didn’t restrict how far we could go. So I’m hearing the lyrics and I just decide to go farther and farther and farther, farther than I’d ever gone before. And the whole time, I feel like singing. :) It was awesome.

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