Well, I had a really good day today! I woke up at 4:29(I minute before my alarm went off) and got my stuff ready for a my first day as a detasseling bus hopper! I got to LL and hopped in the bus with Nelly(love her <3!). We waited and waited and waited…. but John didn’t show up :/ we couldn’t decide whether to be happy or sad. we rode in the bus for an hour and fifteen minutes to get to the village over(lol), where we helped the detasselers there. What made this day good was not the thunder storm that caused us to sit on the bus whilst still getting paid, was not the awesome people on LL bus, was not the really cool bus driver and assistant that made everyone feel special and needed and talented… It wasn’t even the lack of first years! What made today great was that we were helping our fellow detasselers when they were in a pinch. The bus we were helping is fairly new, so there aren’t that many experienced detasselers on it. this bus had three fields that they needed to first pull and second pull before they could pass the fields… and to make matters worse, the bus had to get it all done in three days! what my bus did was third pull the entirety of one of their fields to the point where it will pass, and first pulled a large chunk of their other fields. I did seven-ish miles of third pull, and four of first pull. the last mile was optional, and was therefore voted on. We the detasselers decided to walk the extra mile for our fellow detasselers.

now, for the little thing that I really really liked, but didn’t make it worth it…

1)no first years

this was awesome because the only people there were the ones that wanted to be there. this meant there was no whining, no moaning, no gossiping, no swearing, no stupid mistakes, no slow people, no annoying people yelling in your ear at 5:30 AM… It was awesome… and to top it off, we got to go very fast!

2) no squads.

Basically what we did was each detassel our own panels. no watching other people work. no waiting for other squads to finish. almost no bailing. no yelling. no effort… just had to pull. basically what we did today was a mini version of what the force does everyday(the force is the bus comprised of only experienced detasselers that have been in the top five of their bus). It’s fun!

3)continually working.

We never stopped to bail other people out. You just did your panel, got out, started a new panel, got out, etc. the people in charge were very prompt and basically had us constantly working. I liked this. My feet hurt really bad, but it was way!!!! way! worth it.

4) veggie tails sing-along!!!!

they arn’t adopting the name “the corny choir” for nothing! Most of the ride home from the field was spent singing with bob and larry!

and I ate my lunch :D

Happy detasseling season!

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5 Responses to EPIC DAY!

  1. john says:

    uggg that sounds like the best day EVER!

  2. totallysurrendered says:

    you totally missed out. It was exhausting though! I should prolly go to bed since I”m going on 17 hours awake…

  3. MarBear says:

    Good for you! Horray for a Veggie Tale sing-a-long!!

  4. flippedinsideout says:

    That’s awesome!! :)
    Too bad Johnny slept through his alarm.
    I’m glad yesterday was such an awesome day!

  5. Joshua says:

    Sounds like a good time. That makes not running last night hurt less. (Kidding) Enjoy the rest of the detassaling season. :)

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