I’ve got a song in my heart and a smile on mah face.
Perhaps I’m bipolar,
or maybe I’m just being pummeled by circumstance.
Either way, I’m feelin’ great!

It doesn’t matter how I felt
I don’t care how I’ve been
I’m happy now and it feels good
la la la la la la laaaaaa

And this is why I don’t write lyrics.


Have you ever noticed that christian music is NEVER catchy? You know it’s all good for worshipping and all and I love worship music…. but…. sometimes I just wanna dance. Ya know? You can’t dance to christian music. You need a nasty beat for dancing and christians don’t believe in drums.

Basically I love me some secular music. There is no christian counterpart to Michael Buble or T-Pain…. NONE.

Also. Why can’t more male singers be like Michael Buble? Seriously. He’s Frank Sinatra reincarnated. How sexy is that? And I’m pretty sure he’s 100% heterosexual. Win! What happened to good old fashioned love songs? I like how Michael Buble has upbeat songs that aren’t merely about getting it on like Donkey Kong. If you know what I mean ;o

I’m pretty sure when Jason Mraz came out with “I’m yours” It completely changed what I like in music AND the amazing thing is that I found a christian song that is similar in sound and completely doctrinally true in lyrics. LOOOVEE

I’m Yours
Yours to Take

Yep…. Love. ALSO Good christian band that doesn’t get any credit at all from the lame sauce christian media.(Those media people just can’t get it right ever)

Remember this song? LOve love love love love.

And then there are all those “Pseudo-christian” bands that all purists hate that are really good and get their doctrine right more then the supposedly good bands(cough casting crowns cough)(RAGE RAGE RAGE RAGE HATE CASTING CROWNS!!!!!!!!) i.e. Switchfoot, Thousand Foot Krutch, Kutless…. I love these bands…. such good lyrics…. and people rage about how they don’t ever actually say the name of Jesus…. Hogwash in my opinion. Jesus is written all over their songs. You just have to know his names. :D

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