Observations of the Week

So I’m kind of in the dumps this week has been a drag, so these are slightly pessimistic… just maybe.

    Observation 1

Facebook is an excuse for socially inept people to feel like they have a social life. I mean seriously, all these people posting things that they find interesting just because they don’t have anyone in real life who cares what they have to say… What’s the point of writing something if no one is going to read it(lol says the girl who writes a blog that no one reads). I guess it’s just to get it out… but why subject everyone else to your rude comments?(again with the irony). But still. I don’t ask people to read my blog. I don’t friend people and all of the sudden there’s my nasty comments showing up on their walls. You people who are reading this made the choice to read it. You’re coming to me. I’m not putting this in front of your face and then getting mad when you don’t like it. soooo basically I’m getting rid of facebook… possibly indefinitely. without warning…. nah, maybe I should warn people.

Basically what brought this on is…. well…. I’m socially inept(for 1) and (for 2) I’m easily angered. So basically I’m on facebook getting myself into awkward situations while getting angry at people because they write incredibly anti-”my-type-of-person” statuses.

Adios, Facebook.

    Observation 2

Social interaction in general is hard. I never knew that I would be so tired of people that I would get this tired, but basically I’m exhausted. I’m tired of constantly being on the defensive in an incredibly hostile environment(PUBLIC SCHOOL!). I’m tired of defending my beliefs, I’m tired of pretentious people who think I’m being pretentious when obviously if they didn’t know I was the pretentious when then I’m not pretentious…. I’m tired of being on the defensive against people who just want to use me for my car(grrrrr I decide who I go out to lunch with, not you. Ask me nicely, and I will drive you. Maybe. Unless you’re really annoying… actually, just no. Don’t ask. If I ask you if you want to come, then you can come. No other options.) I’m tired of guarding what I say just because I might offend someone. No, it’s not even about offending someone, it’s that they might let me in on the fact that they’re offended. I’m tired. Life of hermit, here I come. Hey you, yeah you. You know who you are. Yeah, my name is Grace. Nice to meet you. You wanna come join me in hermittude?

If only things were so simple.

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