New Lucky Number

Yesterday was by far one of the best days I’ve had in a while. Not by mine or anyone else’s merit though.

The day started out at 4:30 AM. A bunch of little girls(ages 11-13) were staying in the room above mine. A few of them (I’m guessing the 11 year olds) decided to pound on the floor all night long. Long story short, I didn’t sleep. At all. Which normally would be fine, but yesterday was February 18, home of district solo and ensemble contest AND Norris high school’s “Field of Talent” show choir competition.

After trying for three hours to get back to sleep and failing myserably, I finally got up and attempted to dress “Performance professional”, find a good breakfast, warm up my voice, socialize with the little girls who kept me awake all night etc. I got to district contest and I kind of fell apart. Nerves are my least favorite companion. So I went in there and said “God, this is for you. This is for your glory. That is all that matters.” I went, I sang, I left. to curl my hair.

I didn’t even get to check my score, I just left. No time to check. There is hair to be curled! It took me an hour and a half to curl my hair(I have a lot of hair, you see) and then I drove like mad for 45 minutes and barely got to Norris on time. Before my show choir performed we had a pep talk and we played games together… for the first time all year I feel like we were a group and not a bunch of incompatable people trying to pretend we like each other. We went to perform. As I gazed across the stage at my friends hiding from the audience on left stage sharp pain shot through my side as I took deep breaths. A tiny tear came to my eye and my curtain-mate looked at me with worry in her eyes. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine. It happens all the time.” God! Why now?!?! I just want to go out there and dance my heart out and I can’t do when every time I breathe deeply it feels like someone stabbed me! But you know what. I’m going to go out there and I’m going to give it all. Even though it hurts, Even though my voice might give out before my solo. I don’t care. I’m going to leave it all on stage. The rest is up to you.

And that’s what I did.

Afterwards a bunch of people complimented me on how well my solo went. Anyways. The day progressed. I talked to a bunch of people. I checked my phone about halfway through the day. A message from facebook. “Carissa Hecht to you: Hey good job on the 1 at solo & ensemble” First freak out of the day. I didn’t think it went that well. Wow. For all the uninitiated, at solo and ensemble you go and perform a piece and the judge gives you a number, 4 being the worst and 1 being the best. 1 also comes with a “superior rating” pin that you can put on your letter. woohoo!

I did stage crew for Express(the varsity division mixed choir) Finally I found myself sitting next to my group in a gym waiting to find out how we all did.

The very first thing announced “We are going to announce the women’s division first. There were five groups performing, we are giving away two trophies tonight.”

I look at my peeps and I can see the crestfallen looks. We’re all thinking “Second or third. We may or may not get a trophy.”

They announce second place. It isn’t us. We all deflate. No trophy tonight…. but….

They announce first place. It’s us.

There’s a second of utter disbelief before the whole East High section explodes. You see, yesterday we had 7 of our girls missing. The whole of last week we spent rearranging pictures to fill the gaping holes. We never expected a first place trophy yesterday. Yet somehow we managed it. We screamed for a full 3 minutes. I’m sure all the other schools thought we were so pretentious to be so excited about our trophy…. Sorry guys. We really didn’t expect it. At all.

Express placed third in their division and made finals with five other groups. I celebrate with my girls, and then I did stage crew for the second time. Their second run through was phenominal. Completely amazing. Right after their performance I was talking with my friend and her mom, and they convinced me to leave before final awards…. considering I had yet to drive 45 minutes in the dark by myself after a completely and utterly exhausting day.

Driving back, I’m almost out of gas. “God, fill my tank. Get me to the nearest gas station. Please help me stay awake. I need you now.” I make it into town. The first exit, right as the low gas warning chimes, I see a sign “Gas next left”. I take a left.

I get gas and then promptly get lost. but I made it home somehow. Right as I’m getting into bed I get a text. “best male and female soloist, third overall.”

Needless to say, I have a new lucky number. Not that luck has anything to do with it. I’m giving credit where all credit is due.


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