Happy Single-Awareness Day

Hi, My name is Grace. I like jazz music and long walks on the beach. I speak English and rudementary French. I’m looking for a man who will make me feel good and have luscious hair like Fabio. I don’t care much about personality just as long as he’s confident and MINE. bla bla bla bla bla…

Happy baby-making day. Hope you’re enjoying it.

Well, I know I will. I am single. Everybody knows that single girls have more fun ;) jk not really. But I will let you know my feelings on valentines day. And no, this isn’t a “WAH WAH WAH I’m SoOOOO depressed I don’t have a boyfriend and I just want someone attractive who will appreciate me for meeeee!!! WAAAAHHHH!!!!”

No. Seriously people. Singleness is not the end of the world. I have an idea I’m just going to throw atcha.

Is it better to be with the wrong guy and feel good, or waiting for the right guy and feel discontented?

What if Lizzie had been like “Screw this! I hate being single! I hate my mother and my silly little sisters. I’m going to go get married to Mr. Collins!”


Come come, sometimes we must give up the good for the best. If I were you, I would rather sit at home alone on V-day eating cheesecake by myself and watching sappy romantic movies(that no man in his right mind would ever watch) and dreaming of prince charming then going out there and having a “good time” with the wrong man. Seriously, are y’all too cynical to believe in fate and true love and all that jazz… isn’t that the point of V-day? Sappiness and true love and appreciating the people that are in your life? Come now, I’m not the most experienced person in the world(far from it) but I have seen a lot of true love’s in my life.

You know what all those couples had in common?

Commitment to God and eachother.

The sexiest thing in a man(in my humble opinion) is religious conviction and devotion to God. You could be the ugliest person alive, yet have a sincere and genuine faith and I would find you the sexiest person on earth. BUUUtt if you had some disgusting habits on top of that it might negate some of my romantic attraction. No loss of respect…. just attraction.

Actually, Perhaps sexy is the wrong word to use for men like that. Handsome. Sexy has too much crass connotation and, in this day and age, generally refers to physical characteristics. And implies fornication…. One never fornicates with this type of man. For obvious reasons….

AAAAAAaaaannnd my blog settles itself firmly into a PG-13 rating. I just keep slipping down the appropriate ladder… I should probably do something about the slow deterioration of my intellect….

BACK TO TOPIC! Very attractive men are ones with moral fiber…. Preferably courageous and bold on top of a firm set of christian values. The kind of guy who would stand up for me when everyone is calling me stupid because I think that protesting at military funerals is wrong… The kind of guy who wouldn’t let people push me around because I’m a prude.

Most of all… I want the kind of guy who will put me second in his life.

Yes, Second.

I’ve thought and prayed about this a lot and, throughout my romantic endeavors I’ve had to learn this the hard way… A man who puts me first in his life is not the man for me. The man that I put first in my life is not the man for me. And I’m not the woman for him.

From what I’ve seen of successful marriages God always has to go first. In every relationship I’ve never gotten into(hahahaha private joke with myself…) The relationship has eaten away at my relationship with God. And the relationship failed, surprise surprise. God goes first. He’s my first love. He’s my first commitment. He’s the one keeping my grounded. If I can’t remain loyal to Him, I don’t deserve to be happy. I don’t deserve a good marriage. God is the easiest thing to stick to. Once you’ve tasted God’s words and His goodness you can’t go back unless you’re a fool. Foolish people get death. Foolishness only brings heartache. Moral of the story?

Don’t give up the high standard. The creator of love wants to take you on a date. On Valentines Day. That means special things, right?

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One Response to Happy Single-Awareness Day

  1. bekahcubed says:

    “I’m looking for a man who will make me feel good and have luscious hair like Fabio.” Totally started cackling when I read that.

    I agree. Singleness is not the end of the world. It’s better than being in a bad relationship. But most of all, it’s better because Jesus has us here for a reason–and Jesus + nothing = everything.

    I’ll take Jesus over any earthly Valentine date any day.

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