I put as my facebook status that I didn’t know what to write about this fine Monday and this is what I got.

“I just experienced love at first sight on the bus home. Write about that.”

“I just experienced love at first sight every time the foreign boy walks into class m/w/f. write about that”

Seeing as Valentines day is coming up I thought “what the hey.”

Love at First Sight(n): The moment in time when you look at a complete stranger and you fall in love with them before even knowing their name. Sometimes used to excuse irrational behavior. Most of the time simply a figment of the imagination. Primarily used to make females feel badly about their significant other(or lack there of), eat loads of ice cream whilst watching terrible romantic comedies, and gaze into the eyes of any and all attractive passers by.

So after I updated my status I hopped in the ol’ Cliff and zoomed to the library where love at first sight was waiting for me. But I wasn’t a desperate LAFS whore, I waited until the end of my library trip to pick up that which had so set my heart on fire.

With my mind on my true love I picked up my non-fiction book for the month.

SIDEBAR!!!! Did I mention I made a new years resolution this year? I decided I was going to read one non-fiction book each month this year. January’s book was Forgotten God by Francis Chan. Ah-Mazing! Today I picked up my February. Picture0211131954_1

Surprised by Joy: The Shape of my Early Life by Clive Staples Lewis. I’m pretty stoked! I’m hoping John Ronald Reuel Tolkien makes an appearance. That would make my February!

Then I picked up some trash. Then I looked at the movies. THEN I picked up this hunk of hot.


Yeah baby. Gracie’s got a date for Valentines day! And I might go all the way with this one. ;) But I don’t know…

I have to open it first. I have to get to know it.  I have to make sure it’s not a douche. I have to make sure I wasn’t just swept off my feet.

SIDEBAR!!!! In case you were born under a rock you’ll see that my library is doing BLIND DATES WITH BOOKS!!!! I kinda sorta suggested it on their facebook page about a month ago. Idk if that’s where they got the idea, but I’m super excited to see which book I chose!

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2 Responses to Lazy Monday: LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT

  1. bekahcubed says:

    Eek! That is SUCH a good idea. How was your blind date?

    • Gracie says:

      It was interest at first sight that fizzled around page 75. It was really slow and slightly insipid. However my date with “Surprised by Joy” is going very very well.

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