mountain dew and cookies! bad idea people!!

Band camp is really bad for me! the finale aka end of band camp… yay…. was today… they gave me food…. not just any food! a tofu burger that was disgusting(never ask hyvee to cater!!!!) a thingie of sun chips…. and some watermelon…. and a cookie…. and mountain deeeeeewwwwwww!!!!!…….. yeah… i really did drag that out while writing….. Come to my house and I will scream in your face for the fun of it…. I told a couple people that I was going to shove malets down throats…. up noses…

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3 Responses to mountain dew and cookies! bad idea people!!

  1. flippedinsideout says:

    You’re crazy! :)

    But I love you. :)

  2. mang2 says:

    Yay! I shall comment on your blog.



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