stupid highschool relationships

I think that one of the stupidest things ever known to mankind, is highschool relationships. I mean, what is the whole point? me me me. Why can’t you have fun without messing up a few hearts in the meantime? and believe me, it’s not just the two hearts directly involved that get hurt. All of the people who are close to you have to watch you get into a mess. But seriously, What’s the point? Highschool relationships have very little communication. They’re hard to get out of. The two people involved are most likely rebelling against some preset expectation, so they most likely don’t care for the other person involved more than as a friend. The people involved aren’t mature enough to make wise decisions. AND they’re not smart enough to listen to people who, a) have been through a bad HS relationship and don’t want to see them hurt or b) have watched many a HS relationship come to nothing or c) norrowly escaped one themselves and seen how it could’ve hindered their lives. Teenagers shouldn’t be given so much freedom over their own lives. Rules are a neccesity, and they need to be enforced. For all you parents of teenagers out there, don’t be afraid to make and enforce rules. Your kid may hate you for right now, but they’ll thank you later. As a teen, I commend anyone who is doing such. Good Job!

btw, If I appear to be getting into one myself…. bombard me with comments that say “don’t be a retard!”

~The frustrated teen

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3 Responses to stupid highschool relationships

  1. flippedinsideout says:

    Oh, Gracie Goo!
    I’m glad you can say so bluntly what you think. I have said for a long time that “relationships” in high school are a stupid idea. However, sometimes people need to learn these lessons for themselves (partly because of deafness to the warnings of peers or parents). Yes, it is painful. Yes, it sucks.
    But such is life sometimes.

    And don’t worry, I will be armed and dangerous with “don’t be a retard!”s if you get close to a high school relationship. (and I’ll be perpared for the “back off, we know what we’re doing!”s also.) :-p

    Love ya, girlie!

  2. Rebekah says:

    Very true. It’s hard to watch someone mess up their life. But at some point, we’ve got to trust God, even for other people ;-) Praying for you, dear.

  3. mang2 says:

    Fo shizzle, my soul sista’!

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