Food Rant

So in light of my latest disclosures I’m just going to talk about a few food things that really bother me. My ire will probably make a lot more sense now that I’ve disclosed certain things about myself, so hopefully all y’all healthy hippie types won’t get all up in my business for this.

So a few things that bother me about our food culture:

1. The idea that cutting (sugar, flour, meat, fat, caffeine, etc.) out of the diet is “healthy”

First of all, those things mentioned above is the only thing that keeps me eating. I mean that and a myriad of other moral and logical reasons…. But seriously. Just make me feel like a terrible person for eating McDonalds. It makes me wonder if part of the reason our society is so messed up is because we don’t allow people to just enjoy food. I mean I go through the drive through at McDs and what the heck I’m already a slob, you might as well supersize me. Or rather, I’m poor and I don’t have time to make myself supper, but I’m not a slob so I can’t buy the cheapest fast food available to me…. Guess I’ll skip it tonight.

2. The push for “healthy alternatives” without thought to availability and price of said alternatives.

Moochelle Obama, in her appearance on The Tonight Show, said something to the effect of “Ew! Potato chips! Eat these kale chips instead!” Okay first of all, where the fkjklfjgdslkjdflkf am I supposed to find kale chips? Second of all if I were to find them, would they be under a buck fiddy for a bag? I didn’t think so. In addition, guess what princess! Those kale chips were fried in the same oil! Or baked in the same greasy oven or whatever the heck they do with chips these days. (For the interested reader, please google criticisms of the current healthy food craze. It’s actually quite fascinating) Side note on the ew! sketch with the FLOTUS, you can’t actually get your heart rate up by just wiggling your shoulders like that, dear Mrs. Obama. But nice try. Sincerely, someone who lost a butt ton(Literal butt, not a literally ton) of fat dancing.

3. Those pictures of Marilyn Monroe saying “50 years ago this was sexy”. and the stupid memes that say “Real women eat.”

At least the first message is true, but what are you really trying to say? I think you are meaning to encourage people to be confident in their bodies and not feel bad about eating, but I don’t think you realize the people you aren’t encouraging. I feel alienated by those posts because the message I get is “You’re disgustingly thin and you aren’t a real woman.” I’m not saying you meant to give that message, but just think about it. I know my thinking is messed up, but it still stings. Do you really want to tear down a whole (quite large(as in population)) demographic of women who already hate themselves?

Well, being on a different side of things here’s what I have to say to y’alls who don’t feel good about your body.

You aren’t defined by the way you look.

Now whenever I come back to this blog I have remember to believe it too.

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2 Responses to Food Rant

  1. bekahcubed says:

    I’m only a *leetle* late responding to this–but I think one of my peeves is finding “healthy alternatives” to dumb foods. Oh yay, a “healthy alternative” to poptarts, potato chips, cookies, etc. How about you eat the poptarts, potato chips, and cookies in smaller portions and less frequently and try eating a real breakfast or having fruit for your snacks more frequently. As it is, you end up with a gross, expensive, not-actually-healthy food and still aren’t getting the stuff you really should be getting.

  2. Gracie says:

    I agree! I should send you a link to our lovely FLOTUS on Jimmy Fallon. It’s seriously one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen because she’s advocating doing the very thing you just described. Completely disgusting.

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