Two weeks ago when I posted my full disclosure I’m not positive what I expected to happen, but I definitely didn’t expect you all to rise up and encourage me like you did. I felt like God was leading me to tell all, and when my bible study at church talked about being a family and sharing life with each other I felt it was time to be honest with the people that God has placed in my life to support me. And you all rose to the occasion and I am speechless.

Thank you.

Thank you for encouraging me, thank you for sharing your own stories, thank you for speaking the truth of God’s word into my life. Thank you for the texts, comments, messages, phone calls, hugs, and yes, even the tears. Thank you for helping me heal.

My story isn’t over, and I don’t know if it ever truly will be finished, but God is completely in control of this… No matter how confusing and strange and painful it may seem, this is God’s plan for my life and if by sharing my story one person is drawn closer to God then it’s 100% worth it. I am most satisfied when God is most glorified, and right now God is revealing himself in my life. Do I wish God would glorify himself differently? No. Because then I wouldn’t have been able to connect with all of you in the way that I did in this past week.

Thanks be to God.

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