Lazy Monday: BUFF

Warning!!!: This post is the definition of lazy Monday. I’m coming up with this on the fly and may or may not convey something. I had something brilliant in my brain this morning but I can’t think of it any more!!!!

Buff: Strong, ripped, muscular, looking good in a bikini.

It’s officially summer in Nebraska(We skip spring quite frequently) and I am NOT READY! I’ve never been one to worry about what I look like, but there comes a time in every teen girl’s life where she realizes she doesn’t look that great and starts freaking out and exercising and dieting. I think I’m at that point.

Not only is it swimsuit season, but I’m also going to be in my beautiful bff’s wedding(to my brother) and I want to look good….

Right now I kind of look like a marshmallow that’s been impaled by a pretzel. Thin on the ends and squishy in the middle. Because of my job I do a lot of walking and heavy lifting. If only sit ups were a requirement of my job as well.

In conclusion: I am ripped, but not everywhere…. I can lift a 300 lb person but I can’t do a situp to save my life. This is a problem….

Operation diet and exercise starting…. NOW! well once I finish my April(The Problem of Pain by C. S. Lewis)

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