Resemblance: The state of being or looking alike.

I didn’t know what to write about this lazy Monday so I was procrastinating by watching How I Met Your Mother and facebooking. In the midst of my laziness my friend Brittany the sexy-muffin-face messaged me. Somewhere in the conversation she mentioned that my new facebook profile picture looked a lot like my sister. I assume she meant my sister Rebekah. I mean seriously, check this out.


Down to the blue eyes we’re spitting image of each other. You can ignore the me in the picture of Rebekah. I was a bit young looking then… But Bek and I resemble each other(or should I say I resemble her, for she came first…) The same eyes, the same long brown hair, the same crookedy smile. the same big schnoz…. The same chin…. Well we aren’t exactly the same. My cheek-bones are flatter.

Which is where this picture comes in.


Us three sisters ran togething in Color Me Rad. We looked pretty rad by the end so we took this hot picture. When I lived with said sisters all the people at church(and elsewhere) called me “The missing link” between Anna and Rebekah. Anna has the eyes too. But she doesn’t have the hair or the dumb smile. What she does have are the same cheek-bones as me…. huh. Weird, right? The good news is that we’re three hot chicas. Beyond that who cares, right? Hahahaha hope you’ve enjoyed these pictures. You can inspect the similarities and differences for yourself. :D Peace out brosky.


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2 Responses to Lazy Monday: RESEMBLANCE

  1. Nelly says:


  2. bekahcubed says:

    It’s true-we do look pretty alike. And you are the transitional life form that links Anna and I. Unfortunately for the theory of evolution, you came later than either of us, which makes it improbable that either of us should have evolved from you. Oh, the trials of modern science :-P

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